Canyoning in Tyrol and during traveling
Experience of pure adventure and a lot of fun at the same time - that's canyoning!

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Rosengarten Canyon

The Rosengarten Canyon at Imst is an ideal trip for beginners and children. The highest descent is 6 m high. Slides and jumps in a lot of small pools makes the canyon very diversified. Due to the close outdoor companies this canyon is done very often.

For more experienced canyoneers there is a trip in the upper section of the Rosengarten Canyon. This section offers a highest descent with 45 m!

Character: alpine trip, medium narrow engraves in limestone, sunny, small jumps and slides
short descent slide
Precondition: ideal trip for beginners
Equipment: wet suit, life vest, helmet, harness
Access: 10 min
2:30 h
g: 30 min