Canyoning in Tyrol and during traveling
Experience of pure adventure and a lot of fun at the same time - that's canyoning!

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Berglein Canyon Rosengarten Buchtal Canyon Pillbach Kühsoacher Taschbach Hühnersbach Fallbach Weittal


beautifull abseiling withthe right water levelWeittal

This creek impresses from the beginning with a lot of small pools, later enchains up to 27 m high waterfalls. The highest jump is 5 m deep.
The access is appr. 2 hours along a dirt road, which is unfortunately not allowed to ride with MTBs! :-(


Character: alpine trip, lime stone, sunny, perfect jumps, some slides
one pool after the otherjump into an ideal pool
Precondition free from giddiness
Equipment: live vest, wet suit, helmet, harness
Access: 2 h
4 h
Way back: 1 h